Original Short Story: Holiday in the Ardennes

This was written as a response to the [URL="http://www.kh-vids.net/showthread.php?111769-Prose-of-The-Season-1-Neverending"]first Prose of the Season Challenge (Neverending)[/URL]
This was interesting to write, as I've never actually written my own stories before (even though this was heavily influenced by a certain series that may or may not be included in my siggy). Also, that certain part at the end is quite possibly the closest I've ever come to romance...
Comments, especially constructive criticism are welcome.

Title: Holiday in the Ardennes
Genre: War, angst?
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Some violence in detail, death, one mention of sex (well, two if you count the warning itself >.<)

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Fic: How Yuffie and Aerith Met Saïx

 TITLE: How Yuffie and Aerith Met Saïx
AUTHORESS: MadDoctorMaddie
GENRE: Humor, parodyish
AN: A veeery short fic I wrote nearly two years ago (originally it was part of a RP, in fact)
SUMMARY: Like the name says, Yuffie and Aerith meet Saïx, during Sora's fifth visit to Hollow Bastion. What good can this result to?
Yes, I know,it's short...
DISCLAIMER: Don't own it, like we all knew.

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Poem: Thoughts

 Here's a short poem I wrote for English-class... We had a bunch of prepositions that we had to use to start each line with, and the max. amount of lines was ten.

It's kinda... vague xD

And I couldn't think of a better title.

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Poem: Landing

  A poem mainly inspired by my current fandom, Band of Brothers.

This one is a interesting one for me, as I originally wrote this in Finnish, my sometimes-first-sometimes-second language (as part of my audition to the Theatric Uni here in Finland), so I had to translate (and expand) this. So that was a new kinda challenge for me. Hope you enjoy this!

WARNING: Rated T for a teensy bit of violence, just to be safe.

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Poem: You Needn't Be Afraid (Dear Child)

 I'm not sure how I came up with this, my usual style is quite fluffy and humorous most of the time. I just couldn't get a few of the lines out of my head, and those few lines formed into this. It actually surprised myself when I got about half-way through, I was originally going in a completely different direction.

It's almost closer to prose, but I decided that it looked and felt better in the form of a poem.

I hope you enjoy this, pleasepleaseplease leave a review!

WARNING: Implied graphic violence. Fairly long for a poem (700+ words iirc)

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Poem: Short 'n' Sweet

 This was a reply to a challenge on Kh-vids, keep the poem 'Short and Sweet' with five lines as the maximum.

So in true Maddie-fashion, I took the directions quite... Literally x3 
Constructive criticism wished for, but you can review it any way you like.

Short 'n' sweet

So I was told to keep this short 'n' sweet.

So now I'm looking out of the window,

looking for inspiration in the form of sleet,

So I could write about something mushy

'n' give it a chance to grow into something rushy.

Fic: Do You Feel It? The 'Moon's' Power?

TITLE: Do You Feel It? The 'Moon's' Power?
AUTHOR: MadDoctorMaddie RATING: Pg-13/T
GENRE: Humor, Parody, maybe a bit crack-ish
SUMMARY:Why did Saïx receive the Moon as his element? This alcohol induced question Plagues the minds of The Luna Diviner himself, Zexion, Axel, Demyx and Roxas. So they have a bright idea: "Hey, let's go ask our demented, hammered leader why!"
CHARACTERS: Saïx, Zexion, Axel, Demyx, Roxas, Xemnas
WORD COUNT: 1232, minus A/N stuff
WARNING: A bit of foul language, underage(?) drinking, silly premise, depending on your personal interpretations some OOC'ness. Hinting of a very one-sided slash-pairing (XemSaï, if you must know)
DISCLAIMER: THEY'RE ALL MINE, MINE I TELL YOU!!!!! *is carted away by men in white and a lawyer leaves the message "Not hers." behind*

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Fic: The Fourteencth Journal (1/?)

TITLE: The Fourteenth Journal
AUTHOR: MadDoctorMaddie
GENRE: Humor/Comedy/Parody/Satire(ish)
WORD COUNT: 1665 (minus author notes)
CHARACTERS: Organization 13, OC
SUMMARY: Xieve has just joined the Organization, making it Organization XIV! But she immediately got in trouble, thanks to her rather thoughtless remarks on her colleagues. So The Superior has commanded her to write a journal. (Xieve isn't related to the real number XIV Xion, I didn't know enough of her to write about when I started to make this... But on with the story!) This is slightly AU, as it clashes with quite a few points canon has made after/during the writing of this fic. Set after KH2, sorta.
AN: I wrote the first chapter nearly two years ago, and I'm finally subjecting people to the horrors. This isn't a very serious project, as I've only written it when I've been excruciatingly bored, so while constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated (like always), it's not the most important thing in my mind when I post this, I'm just trying to provide a couple laughs for you. So keep that in mind before you start posting essays giving advice/critique.
Also, this will be up-dated extremely irregularly, if ever.
WARNING: Contains quite a bit of bad language, very mild suggestive themes, and mentions of yaoi/slash in speculative/joking fashion (maybe, I might have edited that out). Oh, and character bashing, also done in a joking fashion, as I actually have started to love practically all of the guys and gals here xD.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, I think Xieve is the only thing that's mine. I don't even own this computer I'm writing on!
IN STORY DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed by the author of the journal don't necessarily express the ones of the publisher, and the opinions are based on first, very shallow impressions.

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